We are a group of individuals who care deeply about living in a just city. We are frustrated with the City of Toronto’s misleading public statements about homelessness and housing because the impacts they can have on people’s lives can be the difference between life and death.

The knowledge on this website was produced through the collective efforts of many encampment residents, neighbours, front-line workers, advocates and researchers.


Co-creators and Authors:

A. J. Withers, PhD – Social Work, community organizer.

Melissa Goldstein, MES, researcher, affordable housing & homelessness advocate.


Web Admin:

Lyf Stolte, community arts worker, actor, photographer, geek.



Consultants are people who have helped inform the material on this site. They are not directly responsible for any of the content here – especially any errors and omissions.

Cathy Crowe – RN, Public Affiliate, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University

Danielle Koyama – Front-line Worker, Downtown East End

Diana Chan McNally, Dipl. Community Work, BFA, MA, MEd Candidate

Doug Johnson Hatlem – Street Pastor at Sanctuary Toronto

Laura MacDonald – RN, Regent Park